Program management using the CRM

Almost all ABM Loyalty CRM algorithms are configured to work with information that is accumulated as a result of the Loyalty Program. That’s why we offer the CRM ABM Loyalty package.

The primary information about a customer enters the system when he joins the Loyalty Program. As a rule, the customer who has joined the program receives a loyalty card (or other identifier). In confirmation of participation in the program, the customer is offered to register in the system. There are several ways of registration, but they all pursue one goal – a contact information should be included into the customer base. Thus, a customer profile is created, which in turn is tied to a loyalty card, or more precisely, to a customer bonus account in the Program.

CRM Dashboard

Easy access to information. The main indicators of the loyalty program performance are displayed on the dashboard. The dynamics of activity of the program members, the number of accrued and spent bonuses, demographic portrait of users, current indicators of active shares are displayed in a convenient way.

Choose a convenient display period – a week, month, year. Make your own marks in the graphs, choose the displaying in the form of a bar graph or a linear diagram, export graphs for reporting.

Loyalty program profile

Setting up the basic rules of bonus charges. The loyalty program begins with the collection of data about customers. In order to do this, you need to establish a basic bonus charging rule, which will be distributed to all the program members. Determine the type of charge – the percentage of receipt total or a fixed amount. Purchases with a basic bonus charge will form the main picture about all the members in the program.

You can enter data in the section – basic information about the partner, manager’s contacts, list of outlets, social profiles.

Calendar of promo offers

Convenient displaying of events. All events are recorded in the calendar. Convenient visual display allows you to correctly plan the marketing campaigns, trading campaigns, mailing lists, and special offers. The calendar allows you to keep tabs on the program events.

Organizer’s Profile

Managing stores, departments, warehouses. Create, edit, look on a map or delete sales outlets. Creating sales outlets allows to keep closer control of the loyalty program, get detailed statistics in the section of each store, department, office or warehouse.

User’s profile

Detailed information on each member of the program. Get detailed information about each member in the loyalty program. Demographic portrait, transaction history, regularity of purchases, the most visited sales outlet, average receipt, accrued and written off bonuses, RFM affiliation.

Data management

Grouping users based on the features. Group users for trading or marketing campaigns. Combine them according to age and sex, geography and family status, having pets and regularity of visiting a store, registration dates and purchases over the past week. Save the groups and manage their dynamics.

Card module and Anti-Fraud

Identifiers of a user, user map as a main identifier of member in the program. Generate any number of cards of different types (BarCode, QR Code). Set the required format and assign the current status. Track usage dynamics. Track suspicious maps and learn their dynamics.

Mailing list module

E-mail, push, SMS, effective communication tools are needed for successful program performance. Create mailing lists and templates to inform about new arrangements, products, and events. Create event alerts – registration, payment, charging or writing off. Choose how you want to inform the members – SMS, Push, E-mail. Track the shipping statistics.

Analysis of special offers

Evaluate the effectiveness of one-time promotions, launch one-time promo actions based on various features and for different groups of customers. You already know your customer well, his taste, preferences, and behavior. Use this knowledge to control the behavior of members. Stimulate the high average receipt, the regularity of purchases, buying of certain goods. Choose a target group, determine the reward, set the time of the offer, analyze the results. The analysis shows the effectiveness of special offers. Coverage of members, volume of purchases under the special offer, members’ activity, accrued and written off bonuses. Enables to compare two or more promo offers at the same time, bringing results into one graph.

Analytics / RFM analysis / ABC/XYZ/ Cluster

Analysis of consumer activity using various modules, receipt total and price of the particular product, date and time, card number and a member’s phone number, the accrued and written off bonuses, the sales outlet, where the purchase was made. All these data are in the section “Sales Analysis”. Filter operations on any indicator, get detailed information. Recency Frequency Monetary. The combination of these three parameters will help you segment your customers in terms of loyalty to your product. Find out your key customers, the most loyal, casual, defiant, promising, and unpromising. Knowing the customer purchasing behavior, conduct specific, personified promo actions. Return and keep customers, maintain and enhance loyalty.

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