ABM Loyalty Program

enables to create and implement the attractive mechanisms for engaging and rewarding the customers, facilitates efficient management of members’ data, as well as supports the multi-channel communication and provides information about the program results.

In order to increase the level of satisfaction, the customers are attracted by means of personalized marketing offers and various promo actions, such as lotteries, auctions, coupons or rules for awarding the best customers.

Bonus loyalty program


The ABM Loyalty platform supports a lot of algorithms that regulate the rules of charging and writing-off the bonuses by combining which you can design an effective and unique program.

  • number of positions in a receipt;
  • amount of purchase;
  • combinations of purchased goods;
  • history of previous purchases;
  • effective promo offers;
  • time and/or place of purchase.

Based on the exported lists, the System understands which products do not need to be charged with bonuses, and which should be charged with the increased reward.

The program settings allow you to automatically charge bonuses for various events: registration in the Program, birthdays, transition to a new level, etc.

Accrued bonuses can have a different validity period. For example, the congratulatory bonuses are activated one week before birthday and are “burned” if not used within 15 days. Moreover, it is possible to charge the bonuses that can only be spent to pay for a certain group of products.

By analyzing the purchases, the unique Processing algorithm associates a certain amount of bonus funds with each unit of the purchased product. Thus, in case of a return of the goods, the System will always perform a correct recalculation of the accrued reward.

Writing-off bonuses

The platform offers a complete set of tools with help of which you can choose the most appropriate scheme of writing-off the bonuses that suits you.

ABM Loyalty provides an opportunity to use the logic of full or partial payment for the purchase using the bonuses. For example, a rule can be established, according to which only 25% of the purchase can be paid by bonuses. This rule not only significantly reduces the risks of fraud, but also creates the prerequisites for using a number of highly effective promo actions.

The system makes it possible to regulate the priorities of the writing-off. This function not only establishes a controlled charging procedure, but is also used to create the effective promo actions. For example, you can add 500 bonuses to the customer’s account and set them to the lowest priority of write-offs. Thus, in order to “get” to this reward, the customer must first spend previously accumulated bonuses.

“Burning-out” of bonuses is also monitored by the System and can be performed based on the FIFO principle, for example.

The flexible integration interface of the platform enables to support a wide variety of channels for writing off the bonuses. In addition to direct payment at a checkout, the interfaces for online writing-off and via smartphone applications were implemented. This will extend the operation of your Program to the online store and smartphone application. In addition, the interfaces for writing off the following bonuses were implemented:

  • in the account of payment for Internet and carrier services;
  • payment for gifts in online catalogs;
  • in exchange for bonuses or miles of other Programs;
  • to pay for products and services in the stores of partners and social networks.

Information about customers

detailed information about customers and possibility of leverage over the consumer behavior

Stimulating sales

stimulating sales by means of constant multi-channel communication


creating personalized promo actions, entailing increased customer expenses

Stock Keeping Unit

reducing expenses for searching the customers and increasing the level of their retention, rewarding the customers based on SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Advantages for the program member

  • personalized offers and rewards in the right place and at the right time;
  • collection of points in real time and their rapid exchange;
  • the possibility of accelerated receipt of incentive prizes, thanks to various marketing proposals and various promo actions, such as lotteries, auctions, offers from partners;
  • more privileges and benefits for the best customers and frequent buyers;
  • quick access to the account in the loyalty program through a smartphone application or a customer portal;
  • monitoring your own activities and promotion in the program.

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The ABM Loyalty platform supports various algorithms that regulate the rules of charging and writing-off the bonuses, which when combined can design an effective and unique program.


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